Udhaya Energy Photovoltaics Pvt Ltd manufactures Solar PV cells and modules. Our cell line and module line is ISO 9001: 2000 certified by BVQI.
UPVSOLAR manufactures solar PV cells and modules in its plant at Coimbatore. Our experience in producing solar PV cells and modules is since 1988. We produced solar PV modules for Shell solar until June 2006 until Shell solar exited solar PV manufacturing. read more.
          U5 5,10,20,25,37,40,45,50,75,80
          U5P 5,10,20,25,37,40,45,50,75,80
          U6 180,190
          Solar Module U5 100 – 12V / 24V
          U5 185,180,175,170 Module
          U6 50,115,120
Udhaya Energy Photovoltaics(P)Ltd.,
1/279 Z Mudalipalayam, Arasur Post
Coimbatore. TN -641 407. INDIA
Phone: +914222361170
Mobile: +919894442000
Fax: +914222361180
Mail: info@upvsolar.com
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